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A curious page was just posted on the One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age tumblr. You can’t see, but there is a message behind the annoying AOL pop up window. The author of the site got to know about the Geocities shut down and logged in to say goodbye to those who would visit it by chance or because they are still waiting for an update.

Geocities is closing down later in 2009, so long everyone… It has been a wonderful 12+ years since I created this site.. and it is now vanishing away… (I never update it in the past 10 years anyway).. Well. my love for Hotaru will never fade away with the website. For any inquiry, please contact me at my current email address here…

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone for your visit on my never-been-updated website. Thank you very much.. thanks..s.s. million times……. and sooo long….. (noticed my improvement in english??? =D)

BTW, if you wonder why the page that was obviously updated in 2009 appears on the Tumblr now with the last modified date being December 30th 1998: the reason is the HTML frameset. We observed many cases where the frameset was apparently created when the home page was first published, and references files that have been updated years later.

Because the file that outlines the structure of the page identifies the page’s age inside the Geocities archive, it is not rare that the home pages were actually last updated much later than they are presented on our Tumblr.

null As you may remember one of the most exciting facts about the dancing girl GIF is that there is a blinking pixel next to her left leg. It was forgotten there by it’s author Chuck Pointer. If you can’t see it on the original, look at the contemporary reenactment

Nobody ever cared or dared to remove this dot. At least this is what I thought until the Geocities Archive image search started to deliver the first results some days ago. We only have 33% of all images indexed right now, so these are not the final results, but as for now there are 130 girls dancing through the geocities ruins.
Closer look detected that two of them are LACKING THE PIXEL.

They come from the Thongchai “Bird” McIntyre fan site. Bird is number one popstar in Thailand, if to believe the Wikipedia article. This article btw is nothing compared to information and visuals one can get on him from his fans’ pages on the Geocities. Discography, news, Bird’s appearances in films and TV shows are properly documented.
In the beginning “Bird Thongchai McIntyre Thai Top Superstar of all time” web site was in the Hollywood neighborhood, then it moved to the vanity profile In 1999 the pages migrated to its own domain, only the homepage is there now, the rest is in the Internet Archive.

The dancing girl appears on two jukebox pages


It would be great to know if it was the webmaster of bbee_bird (or may be even Bird himself?!) who removed the pixel, or did she or he found it like this, with the pixel removed, in one of the collections not known to me. I wrote to all the email addresses associated with this website, but didn’t get any answer yet.

Anyway, please welcome: The Dancing Girl without the Pixel, dancew.gif

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