Dana International is an Israeli pop singer, famous transsexual and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 1998.

There is a page about her on wikipedia, boring profiles on facebook and myspace, a youtube channel, an official site in flash (with skip intro link) under the .co.il TLD. And a gorgeous site at the WestHollywood neighborhood made by her fan Juri Said.

Beside other beautiful features the site contains an outstanding navigation of 20 gems.

Fans’ web pages are always better than official ones. No surprise. Juri Said has found the right words to explain why:

“Am I a fan? Surely I enjoy Dana’s music and performance and certainly will make sure that any new CDs will promptly find their way to my collection, however that in itself is not sufficient reason for opening a homepage. […] Well than what is left, is the question whether I am shouting I love you all over the networks out of some unrealistic expectation to have the message received and acknowledged. […] I consider it perfectly ligit to use the Internet as medium on which to express once true feelings.”

Original URL: http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/5997/

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