Writing about Chuck Poynter, I assumed that he not only made Dancing Girl GIF famous, but was also the author of the original graphic and animation. In the comment to the post user laserbeing noted:

“A few of these, including the dancing girl, the cat and the man with the briefcase, look very much like the sample animations from an old black & white Macintosh application called VideoWorks, which was an early predecessor of Macromedia Director.”

So we downloaded VideoWorks and made it run in vMac.

And here she was. Moving even smoother than seen online, in black and white, but with a clumsy shadow on the floor. Probably this shadow is the cause of the blinking pixel in Chuck Poynter’s GIF. He removed the shadow, but not completely. Though, Dragan’s close ups and frame by frame comparison don’t prove this theory. We continue to investigate and wait for Jay (Jamie) Fenton to answer on who made this extraordinary demo animation for VideoWorks.

hulagirl tag for the posts about the dancing girl.

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