The Israeli author David Grossman kept a huge amount of data on Geocities, spread over several user accounts: tzafun, Davidgrossman, Familygrossman, grossmanarticles, … probably many more. All subfolders’ and files’ names are capitalized and meaningfully named. Pictures are only showing typographical headlines, no photos.

The hypertext is simple and easy to follow. Though it suffers a bit from over-categorization, there are many files that contain only a few sentences.

Grossman had an ambivalent view on the Internet:

The Copyright message in the footer of every page is quite interesting:

Although pages on Geocities and amateur web sites in general were based on copying graphics and text elements, many featured detailed copyright messages or dreaded “right click disabled” JavaScripts. The users felt the instability of the new medium and tried holding together their dear creations. Ironically, Geocities itself was probably the most brutal to the web pages hosted there, inserting floating logos and commercial banners into them that can not be seen anymore when browsing the Geocities Torrent.

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