This new torrent of Geocities unifies the original release plus the patches. Thanks again to the Archive Team for releasing both!

With this combined torrent, it is possible to seed the data forever, without having to keep two copies of everything. And I kindly ask everybody to do so!

Download @ Piratebay

UPDATE 2011-05-02: If you had problems with the torrent before, please go and check the link again. I fixed the torrent after some reports of it not being compatible with many clients.

6 Responses to Patched Torrent

  • # Sean Palmer 2011-04-28 18:46

    uTorrent says this file is not a valid torrent! It does seem to be about half the size of the original – 533 KB vs 1285. Is it really broken?

  • # olia 2011-04-28 19:09

    Tried it with the client transmission and it works. :/ The file size is much smaller because the “chunk length” is increased to the possible maximum. Piratebay was choking on the huge file size created with the default settings and even refused a torrent of the original size.

    If you can, please use transmission. Or we will have to use another torrent site to promote a better torrent file.

  • # Sean Palmer 2011-04-28 19:51

    Ah well, uTorrent is nice but nobody’s perfect. Deluge (based on Rasterbar’s libtorrent) is handling it just fine. Thanks olia!

  • # Slippy the frog 2011-05-07 16:16

    Hmm i’m still having problems unpacking Uppercase, it only unpacks 40 gigs or so, this is the second unpacking after having 7z-unpacked it so now i’m dealing with the .gtar files.

    Theres alot of directory conflicts that makes all the various linux gui unpackers totally stop the process so in my frustration i went over to XP again and tried unpacking it with 7zfm/winrar which skips the errors and proceeds in unpacking but both just end after unpacking 40gig of the whole 477gig uppercase dir. So i’d really like to get some suggestions on what gui-based unpackers i should use for the .gtars in linux cause i’m out of ideas why he doesn’t wanna unpack the whole thing.

  • # drx 2011-05-08 16:04

    Dear Slippy,

    I do not understand what problems you have with GUI unpackers on Linux. Most GUI unpackers just send the same arguments to the actual command line tools, so they should more or less work in similar ways.

    What you need to do, regardless of what GUI is there, is wait for all the parts of a 7z archive to be completely downloaded. Then you might want to check out the commands in this earlier post.


    7z -y x the.archive.7z.000
    tar -xf the.archive

    Yes, most of the archives go into a directory called “geocities”. It’s supposed to be okay like this.

    On Windows you will not really be able to unpack all the stuff because the file system is not case-sensitive, meaning it doesn’t distinguish between file names with uppercase and lowercase letters.

  • # Craig Gibson 2016-08-23 13:59

    Any news on where to get this now??
    It says fule not found on Pirate Bay

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