Olia and Dragan reading chapter “Adding Multimedia to your GeoCities Site” (p 213)

We ordered the book, after finding this review:

Original URL: http://www.geocities.com/PicketFence/1284/oldindex.htm

The EXTERNAL LINK led to Amazon where it is still possible to buy “Creating GeoCities Websites”, and much much cheaper than 12 years ago. $0.10 against $39.99 in 1999. But I wouldn’t recommend to do it. Even in 1999 readers left very skeptical feedback.

May 14, 1999:

“This is absoluately a laugher, an entire book on how to design a website for ONE specific free webpage server, and unfortunately, a heavily contraversial one with their excess amount of involuntary advertising of themselves using pop-up ads […]”

May 20, 1999:

“This book is a terrible resource on designing web pages. I suppose if you wanted your site to look like every other pitiful GeoCities site out there, then you could find a use for this book.”

And last but really last, I don’t think there will be any more. September 28, 2005:

“the book was printed in 1999, so all of the information i needed about geocities was way outdated. product sucked”

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