Many people started the adventure of downloading the Geocities Torrent, and while constantly seeding it, I have seen the peer numbers drop to zero a long time ago. Anyway, I do not recommend using the torrent at the moment, since Jason Scott, now working for the Internet Archive, put all the Geocities data into the Geocities Valhalla.

These are still the same files, hard to handle in their sheer amount, and not as neatly organized as the contents of the original torrent. If you like to complete your canceled torrent download, or of you wish to download the whole thing via HTTP, you might like this script:

I mostly wrote it for myself to check data integrity before the first serious database ingest, but extended it to support downloading. It requires Perl 5.1x, XML::TreePP and md5sum. Hope you will find it useful.

(To all the peeps reading this with a feed reader: The post contains a Perl script, embedded via gist from github.)

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