28 Feb 2020 @BerkeleySETI: “We’re now on TikTok!”
02 March 2020 BerkeleySETI: “basically, we’ve analyzed all the data we need for now.”

On March 2nd 2020, the SETI@home project announced its hibernation starting March 31st. After more then two decades this iconic distributed internet project is becoming history. There is enough data, enough super computers, and no extraterrestrial tasks left for PC users at the moment.

SETI@Home is one of the very best things that happened to the internet. In an ideal world all the internet is  something@home. Well, next time!

As for the vernacular web, SETI enthusiasts brought new dimensions to the overall outer space mood of personal pages. The mere presence of a SETI@home button or banner made  starry nights backgrounds and other interstellar elements more impactful. WWW as the future and a home page as the medium to  transmit your message across the galactic looked legitimate.

Inside GeoCities they were mostly to be found in Area51 and CapeCanaveral neighborhoods, but not exclusively:

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