Phenomenal Women Of The Web is a webring and portal where “Membership is open to all women who maintain a website and it is FREE!” Naturally, many Geocities pages created by women link to this site.

It features a phenomenal <table> logo that adapts to the width of the browser window:

The sub-project Phenomenal Diva follows the same design pattern.

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  • # Shadyman 2011-05-02 19:28

    Cool. I have to admit, one of the harder things to deal with was increasing (or decreasing) screen resolution as screens evolved to be larger and larger, and now with things like smartphones, smaller and smaller… Did you design tables with fixed pixel widths or percentages? Frames? All of these things were an exercise in finding out what the ‘standard’ resolution of the time was.

    You could always tell who had a higher resolution than you did because their site would go off the side of the screen. If they had a lower resolution, they would (often) have a lot of whitespace.

    Unfortunately, many of these troubles still exist nowadays, it’s just (usually) less noticeable.

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