You won’t believe, but several hours ago, while surfing and looking for something unrelated to Geocities, we found a Geocities page that still exists! on Geocities!
Not a folder with templates by Yahoo. Not an invisible GIF.

But a real profile of a real user!

Namely famous ASCII artist Joan G. Stark.
Last updated in 2001.

We rubbed our eyes, reloaded and Shift-reloaded, but the miracle didn’t disappear. The page is still there. And that’s not all, further research showed that Spunk’s previous account /7373 in SoHo neighborhood is also online.
Last updated in 2001 as well.

Both profiles are almost identical. And there is the 3rd one —

But it is only an index page –not updated since 2001 and squatted by porn spam — if you click enter you are back at Geocities/SoHo/7373/

What’s going on? How did it happen? Was it forgotten? Protected? Paid? Are there other survivors?

Update: the question about other survivors is answered in comments by Nick and Google
What are all these profiles doing there?

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