Jason Scott answers Dragan’s question about GeoCities profiles that have apparently survived during VERBINDINGEN/JONCTIONS 13 2011-12-04.

In his opinion these happened to people who payed for Yahoo! Web Hosting, an option suggested to GeoCities users when Yahoo! announced its end. And because of a technical glitch, not only the newly bought domain names lead to the old content, but also the classic GeoCities URLs.

We just looked at Yahoo!’s help and found something else, a supposed premium GeoCities account called GeoCities Plus that promised unupdatable eternity, WWW’s hell :

If you’re a Yahoo! GeoCities Plus customer, your friends and family can still view your web site as usual. However, you can no longer access your files or update your pages with GeoCities tools. To update your site, you’ll need to upgrade to Web Hosting.

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