Suddenly! An answer from Jeremy Penner ‏to my almost 6(!) years old question!

Followed by the comments by ulan-bator with links to precious clip art and legacy manuals.

Where’d you find DANCERS.PCX? I assume you’ve seen Olia Lialina’s work tracking down the origin of that animation?

oh wow! I’ve seen that before, I realize now, but I’d forgotten all about it. there are a few more sheets a lot like it in some .zips in the So Much Shareware cd-rom ( the dancers in and the rest scattered among the misc.zips. i put the ones I’ve found here
the man and woman walking with a briefcase from the other gifs are also there in FEMWALK/MALEWALK.PCX
i did a quick search and there is talk of an art disk with images for use in animations that goes with video works, so that seems like a possible source. otherwise the “body shop” seems like a similar concept.

And! Finally I made hulagirl tag for the posts about the dancing girl.

in meantime

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