On occasion of Jay Tholen’s talk  at Merz Akademie that Dragan and me will moderate, I try to collect in one place projects that explicitly deal with early web elements, motives and tropes. We will not have time to talk about all of them! Still can be useful since the topic of our discussion is “Good Old Days, False Nostalgia and Hypnospace Outlaw”: the ways artists, game makers, designers, developers address imaginary past, or so to say “geocities”. I deliberately put the term in quotation mark and start with low case g, except the last category.

I am sure the list may/must be much longer and had more/other categories. Please, send your links to me!

Video Games
Alone in Cyberspace, Michael Klamerus, 2019
Hypnospace Outlaw, Jay Tholen, 2019
Wrong Box, Molly Soda and Aquma, 2019
Secret Little Haven, Victoria Dominowski, 2018
Lost Memories Dot Net, Nina Freeman, 2017
Black Room Cassie McQuater, 2017
Tetragedon, Nathalie Lawhead 2014

Tistree,Taras Tymoshenko, 2019
zombie and mummy, Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, 2002

Myspace, JANKENPOPP, 2019
Internet Girlfriend Club, Ashley Blewer, 2017
Windows93, JANKENPOPP, 2014
Once Upon, Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, 2012
Web[Design]Timeline, Darja Daut, Susanne Müller & Lisa Hofmann, 2012

Movies and Theater
CULTURESPORT: ROTTERDAM 1995, John Michael Boling, 2020
Bear With Me, Olia Lialina, 2017
World Wide Woven Bodies, Truls Krane Meby, 2015

GifCities, Internet Archive, 2016
tilde.club, Paul Ford, 2014
Neocities, Kyle Drake, 2013

Monumental Sculpture
Throttled, Ashley Blewer, 2020
PaRkEd DoMaIn’S gIrL Co0l wEbSiTe, Emilie Gervais, 2018
Cameron’s World, Cameron Askin, 2015
Tribute to Heather, Evan Roth, 2013
Midnight, Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, 2006
Gravity, Dragan Espenschied, 2003
Some universe, Olia Lialina, 2002

Webmaster Summer, Olia Lialina and Mona Ulrich, 2016

Marketing Gimmick

E.gg, Facebook, 2020
Captain Marvel, Marvel, 2019
The Office, BBC, 2002
BIFI, Adam Chiappe, 2000
Breaking Bad, 2010
more examples

GeoCities based art and research
(without quotation marks, since actually based on excavating and researching the GeoCities and the archive)
GRI/PPB/POOL Mona Ulrich, 2017
Paper Cat 2K16, Tara Donovan-Achi, 2016
Give me time/This page is no more,Olia Lialina, 2015
He Sleeps in His Underware, Mona Ulrich, 2015
Dreaming The Chinese Web, Gabriele de Seta, 2015
On the Internet Everybody Knows You had a Dog, Olia Lialina, 2015
Skywriting, Joel Holmberg, Olia Lialina and Dragan Espenschied, 2014
Peeman, Olia lialina, 2014
Deleted City, Richard Vijgen, 2012
Please be Patient, Jason Scott, 2009

twitter accounts

personal home pages
Zayn.World, Zayn Shafiuddin, 2021

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